Spotify for Linux

Over 30 million tracks; thousands of curated playlists; Discover Weekly; Spotify Running; Radio; Chromecast, sound system, car, TV, and PlayStation integration; sharing and creating playlists with your friends…

All of this is ready for you.

SearchSearch a song, album, artist, label, genre, mood, activity, or friend on Spotify.


Tune into one of our many stations or create one based on your favorite artist, album, or song.


Browse new and top-ranked music. Find playlists to fit – or change – your mood.

Discover Weekly

Wonder how you’ll find new music? Every week Spotify builds a playlist for you of tracks based on your taste but that you may have never heard before!


Playlists are like mixtapes you create on Spotify. You can share them, subscribe to them, and collaborate on them with your friends.

Spotify on Chromecast

Play Spotify on your other favorite service: Chromecast.

Listen Offline

Play music anywhere, even without internet! For Premium subscription only.


Share music with friends and find out what they’re listening to.

Category: Music
Platform: Ubuntu / Mint, Debian, ElementaryOS
LinuxProgs rating: 9/10
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