LMMS is a free, open-source music editor software built entirely by a small number of volunteers in their free time.

Core Functionality:
Compose music on Windows, Linux and Apple OS X
Sequence, compose, mix and automate songs in one simple interface
Note playback via MIDI or typing keyboard
Consolidate instrument tracks using Beat+Bassline Editor
Fine tune patterns, notes, chords and melodies using Piano Roll Editor
Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources
Import of MIDI files and Hydrogen project files

Effects Mixing:
Drop-in LADSPA plug-in support
Drop-in VST ® effect plug-in support (Linux and Windows)
Built-in compressor, limiter, delay, reverb, distortion, EQ, bass-enhancer
Bundled graphic and parametric equalizers
Built-in visualization/spectrum analyser

Musical Instruments:
Built-in 32-bit VST instrument support
Built-in 64-bit VST instrument support with 32-bit VST bridge (64-bit Windows)
Roland ® TB-303 style monophonic bass synthesizer
Embedded ZynAddSubFx: Polyphonic, mutlitimbral, microtonal, multi-voice additive, subtractive and pad synthesis all in one powerful plugin
Native Commodore 64 ® SID microchip/instrument emulation
Native SoundFont ® support (SF2), the industry standard for high quality instrument patches and banks
Nintendo ®, GameBoy ® and game sound effect emulation
2 built-in oscillator-based synthesizers
2 built-in wavetable-based synthesizers
Gravis UltraSound ® GUS Patch support

Category: Music editor
Platform: Ubuntu / Mint, Debian, OpenSUSE, Mageia, Fedora, ArchLinux, Slackware, AOSC OS
LinuxProgs rating: 10/10
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